Special Events

Evening Programs

Evening Programs create some of the best Chippewa summer memories! Every night we offer a different program after dinner. Some nights we are on the stage doing talent shows, silly skits, lip syncs, and staff shows. After almost every theater event we do an amazing dance party. Everyone just dances the night away without a care in the world! Other evening programs include socials, campfire, carnivals, big & little sister competitions, and of course TAN & WHITE!

Special Days

Our two biggest days at camp are United Nations Day (1st Session) and Kahuna Day (2nd Session). The girls look forward to these days all summer long!

United Nations Day - On this day the girls’ camp is split up into four different Nations. They compete throughout the day in various different activities and events. At the end of the day, the winning team gets a trip to the famous Cathy’s Ice Cream shop!

Kahuna Day - This will be the most unique day of your life! Like U.N.Day, the camp is split up into four teams. Every summer the theme for Kahuna Day changes and the team names and colors reflect that theme. The events of the day are unique in quality and the program certainly holds its own against it’s United Nations Day counterpart. Don’t worry…the prize in the end is the same!

4th of July

1st session campers often ask us about our 4th of July program. This is by far one of the most exciting and popular days of the summer. Our oldest campers plan the day and they have never let us down! The morning typically begins with an awesome ski show on our waterfront. The whole camp makes their way down to the beach decked out in their red, white and blue clothing and face paint. From there it’s cheering, cheering and MORE cheering! Breakfast consists of everything you love from waffles with red, white and blue whip cream, to bacon, fresh fruit and hash browns. The camp is split up into teams and after breakfast they play a hugely popular game called The Circle Game! Following an amazing lunch comes a huge carnival with all sorts of games and prizes. Cliff usually gets a pie or two thrown in his face (which he secretly doesn’t mind because he likes pie), and everyone enjoys live music and a BBQ dinner. From there we head to Three Lakes, WI for what is one of the best firework shows around!

Cabin Life