Visiting Weekend

Parents are cordially invited to visit camp on the weekend of July 12-14. The back gates will open to our guests on Friday afternoon at 3pm. 

Welcome Event
At 3:30pm, we will have all campers, parents and staff meet at our Center Fire Circle for a brief introduction to Chippewa and Visiting Weekend.

Throughout the afternoon our baker will be presenting a large variety of baked goods, pastries and other refreshments beneath our hospitality tent on the north field. The field will also feature games, craft activities and other special booths providing useful information and additional entertainment! 

A Traditional CRC Campfire 
At about 4:00pm, we will be offering a modified version of our traditional Friday Night Campfire. As is typical for our Friday Night Campfires, the program will include participation from many campers. Cliff will play some guitar, and our camper choir (The CRSingers) will perform just as they do throughout the summer. We will conclude the campfire with a Keylog Ceremony and the singing of the Chippewa Creed.

NOTE- This program is of course optional, but we ask that anyone choosing to attend offer the courtesy of their undivided attention, and that they be prepared to shut off cell phones and other noisy electronic devices. If an iPad is required for the entertainment of younger children, then perhaps the campfire is not a good fit! Please refrain from bringing such devices to the Fire Circle. 

By 6:00pm all camp activities will have concluded and everyone (including campers) will be asked to depart for the evening.

NOTE- Our entire staff will be off duty on Friday evening to enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation. Every camper will need to be in the care of a parent or another approved guardian during this time. There will be no camper supervision available, so please make arrangements accordingly. 

Back to Camp for Signup Activities (optional):
Families are welcome to return to camp on Saturday at 9:30am. Upon arrival, various signup activities will be open to our campers so that their family members can see them in action! Instructions and additional information regarding this portion of the weekend will be made available at a later date. 

The Big BBQ
Our famous BBQ lunch service will begin at 11:30am (rain or shine), and there will be plenty of seating for all of our guests.The food is great, and we love showing off what our chefs are serving up throughout the summer (plus a few delicious extras in honor of visiting weekend)! 

By 1pm, all camp activities will have concluded, and everyone (including campers) will once again be asked to depart for the evening. Similar to Friday night, there will be no staff supervision provided, so please plan accordingly. 

On Sunday morning we ask that campers are dropped off based on the schedule below. Families can once again enter through the back gate, slowly advancing through camp to the Top of the Hill by the direction of our parking & traffic control team. 

NOTE- Safety at Chippewa is our number one concern. Cars must follow route instructions specifically as directed, and we ask that campers and their family members remain in their vehicles throughout this route. 

Sunday Drop-off times: 
10am-10:30am- Second session campers arrive 
10:45am-11:30am- Eight week campers arrive

Some Additional Visiting Weekend Notes:

Below is a list of motels most frequently used by parents of Chippewa campers. Reservations should be made in advance.

Transportation & Bus Schedule