Our Staff

Sammie Taxman

Kayaking and Fishing Instructor

Sammie Taxman will be back at CRC for summer number nine and we couldn’t be happier. Sammie is a Senior at Deerfield High School where she participates in Dance and Theater. This summer, Sammie will once again teach fishing and kayaking. In addition to teaching activities, Sammie will be a cabin counselor where she is awesome. We are confident that with her enthusiasm for all things camp, she will do another amazing job in the summer of 2018. Welcome back Sammie!

Interesting Facts About Sammie
Hidden/weird talent?
She can touch her tongue to her nose
Favorite Cathy’s flavor?
White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
What couldn’t she survive camp without?
Her camp friends!
Favorite CRC activity?
Tan and White!
Reason why 2018 will be the best summer ever?

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