Our Staff

Nicole Lucas


We are excited to welcome Nicole onto the staff this summer—her 8th at CRC! Nicole is currently a sophomore at The Latin School of Chicago, where she is a member of the golf and squash teams. Additionally, she does model UN, is a writing tutor and participates in a medical program at Northwestern Hospital. This summer, Nicole will be taking a break from these activities to teach sailing, archery and swimming. Nicole is someone who is a friend to all, and we are confident that her kindness and love of camp will contribute to her success as an activity instructor and a cabin counselor this summer. Welcome back Nicole!

Random Facts About Nicole:
Favorite Camp Meal: Quesadillas
Favorite CRC Activity: Sailing
Most Random Item She Will Pack This Summer: Golf Clubs
Anything Else To Share With The CRC Community? “Chippewa is my home and excited is an understatement for how I feel about this upcoming summer!”

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