Because your daughter will be living in a community with many other people this summer, we will ask that you share some basic policies with her so that she is not surprised when she gets to girls’ camp. I am confident that you will find these rules to be more than reasonable, but it is imperative that parents cooperate with us and support our restrictions. One of our objectives at Chippewa is to teach our campers to be principled and honorable members of society; when a parent breaks our rules he/she sends a direct message to their child (and our camper) stating that rogue decision-making is an acceptable way to navigate through life. You might be surprised by the implications of a simple poor decision.

There are certainly other camp rules, but these are the key rules also affecting parents. Please feel free to contact us with further questions!

Water Bottles

Going forward we will ask that parents no longer send up cases of water to camp. Here is why: 

Batteries Only

Unnecessary as they are, campers can continue to bring hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, and perm wave machines (or whatever). We will ask, however, that all other items be battery operated (fans, clocks, music players, etc…). We understand that certain music listening devices require a charger, and the counselors will work it out so that these can still be accommodated, but we otherwise need to limit the number of plugins brought to girls’ camp.

Care Packages

Please refrain from sending any kind of package to Chippewa. Exceptions include: 

Food in the Cabins

Food is absolutely prohibited from being in the cabins. Please do us a favor and don’t attempt to sneak food in. This sends a very compromising message to a child, and also makes it very difficult to enforce our policies. The food at Chippewa is fantastic, we will be implementing a daily healthy snack, plus fresh fruit will continue to be available around the clock! 


Note that we don’t allow phones, iPads, Tablets, or any kind of device that will allow your daughter to text, call or electronically communicate with you or anyone else during the summer. Campers may bring music playing devices as long as they do not have a screen (an iPod Shuffle is an example of a device that campers may bring to Chippewa). NO VIDEO GAME HAND HELDS PLEASE