Gear & Getting Ready

There is much to do prior to the start of camp! Whether you are a new camp parent, or are sending a daughter back to Chippewa for her 5th summer, this section should come in handy as the camp season draws near. Remember, you can always call, email or live chat with us should you have any questions.


The process of packing a girl for overnight camp must seem daunting and frankly stressful! Never fear! The beauty of being a girls’ camp that has been around since 1946 is that the wheel has already been invented. Here are a couple key things to consider when packing for Chippewa:

  1. Laundry goes out once per week and there is a 24 hour turnaround time, so you actually only have to pack for one week!
  2. At camp we have some stringent policies on things like electronics and food. Please read about our policies and procedures below.
  3. Your daughter will be allowed one backpack and two duffel bags (no hard trunks please), so keep that in mind while packing.
  4. We have a packing list that spells out all of our recommendations and required items!

Required Items

There are three items that your daughter must have at camp this upcoming summer:

  1. A Chippewa Logo Tee
  2. Two water bottles (does not need to have a logo)
  3. Two Chippewa Logo Laundry Bags

Click HERE to access our 2018 Packing List!

Click HERE to visit our authorized logo gear online store and to see what limited edition items are available at the Chippewa online store.