At Chippewa we feel that one of the most important elements of youth development is the building of independence. Part of that process is managing the way we communicate during the summer. We of course want you to be in touch with your daughter, but at the same time we want her to experience being away from home in an independent way. With that in mind, we ask that campers use writing as a tool to communicate during the summer. They will write home at a minimum twice per week, but they can (and typically do) write more often. Parents can use a convenient one-way emailing system to communicate from their end, but campers are restricted to old-fashioned handwriting!

We do find it important to provide our parents with a window into their daughter’s camp experience. So here are some other ways to keep up with what is going on during the summer:

1. Contact US! We make a point at Chippewa to be reachable. Click HERE to see all of the ways that we do that. Lisa will personally contact new camper parents within the first week to let them know how their daughter is doing. We only ask that you be patient with us. If we are not accessible at the moment of your call we are likely out taking care of your camp girl and will get in touch ASAP.

2. Check out photos. We put up hundreds of photos daily. You are sure to see your daughter having a blast at girls’ camp multiple times each week. Photos typically go up in the late evening so be sure to enjoy them with your morning coffee!

3. Follow our social media updates. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Plus Lisa and Cliff blog throughout the summer. Click HERE for all of our social media updates on one convenient webpage.

4. Read our summer newsletter online. You can view our camper written newspaper publication called ChipChat several times during the summer. This is a great way to view camp from the camper perspective!

5. Check out our PDF: Quick Reference Guide

Whether you are new to Chippewa or not, we want you to feel “in the loop” and to be able to share your daughter’s experience in as many ways as possible. On the other hand, feel free to relax, travel and enjoy your summer without a care; your daughter will be in great hands!

Preparing for Camp