2018 Full Season

June 18 through August 9


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2018 First Four-Week Session

June 18 through July 14


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2018 Second Four-Week Session

July 15 through August 9


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2018 Visiting Days

July 13 through July 15

Chippewa offers both four and eight week sessions.

Chippewa Ranch Camp’s program is available in two sizes- four weeks or eight weeks. Back in the day there was really only an eight week option. Eventually, however, we realized that we could offer the same great programming in a four week package, so now families can
choose the best option to fit their daughter’s needs.

We make a point to balance our program evenly.

A fantastic and exciting event happening first session will be balanced with a slightly different but equally fantastic event second session (and vise versa). This way nobody misses out on the fun and things remain fresh and exciting for our eight weekers!

Tuition Policies

1st Deposit – Due with application – $1000.00 for 4-Weeks and $1500.00 for 8-Weeks (Deposit is refundable through October 1st, 2017 for new campers and September 1st for returning campers).

Additional Payments – There are two options for paying off your balance-
1. Non-refundable payment in full at the time of enrollment (Discounts apply. See below.).
2. Equal bi-monthly non-refundable payments after the first deposit. Payments will begin on November 1st and end on March 1st. The balance will be due on April 1st.

All payments are non-refundable after 9/1 of the year prior to the camp season in question for returning campers, and 10/1 for new campers

NOTE- We can only accept credit cards until December 31st, 2017, regardless of payment option selection

Discounted Pricing:

Pay in Full Discounts (Only available prior to November 1st, 2017 and at the time of enrollment)

Full Season
By Check- $150.00
By Credit Card- $100.00

4-Week Season
By Check- $100.00
By Credit Card- $75.00

Sibling Discount - $150.00 (Discount applied to the tuition of each additional child.)

Cancellation Insurance

Contact camp regarding details on our available cancellation insurance. 

Transportation and Baggage Service:

  • Chicago/Milwaukee Bus – $250.00 from Highland Park, IL ($125.00 per trip) and $200 from Milwaukee, WI ($100 per trip)
  • Chicago area baggage will be handled by a third party company that will do direct billing.