Why Chippewa?

Chippewa is a non-competitive girls’ camp offering four or eight-week sessions

Our philosophy is two-fold. We want the girls to take pride in learning new skills but equally important; learn to live cooperatively, exercise tolerance and build friendships with people from all over our country, as well as other countries.

We believe that at Chippewa, each camper will find the opportunity to see her own strengths and find a greater sense of self through community living. We realize that not every child is an athlete, or a dancer, or a horseback rider… and that’s the true goal of Chippewa: to let every camper find her niche in a low pressure but encouraging atmosphere.

At Chippewa the bond that develops between our campers is truly unique. For many years Chippewa has retained the reputation of being a camp that brings its girls back summer after summer. Why do they come back? Most importantly, to be with their Chippewa sisters.

location: a wisconsin summer camp

Chippewa Ranch Camp for Girls is located on the border of Eagle River and St. Germain, Wisconsin. We are 350 miles north of Chicago, and just 40 minutes south of Lake Superior and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

The Directors