Our Staff

Skylar Sachs


We are excited to welcome Skylar onto the staff this summer—her 8th at CRC! Skylar is a sophomore at Deerfield High School, where she is a member of the tennis and lacrosse teams. This summer at camp, Skylar will be teaching waterskiing, which also happens to be her favorite activity at camp! We know that Skylar will do a great job in this role, and that she will be a fantastic cabin counselor as well. Welcome back Skylar!

Random Facts About Skylar:
Favorite Song: I Wanna Know by NOTD
Most random item you will pack this summer: roller blades
Something you are looking forward to this summer: “I am looking forward to having campers and being able to ski every day.”
Anything else we should include in your profile? “I can’t wait for this summer!!! :)”

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