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Sarah Dry

Waterskiing Instructor

We are so excited to have Sarah back for her 9th summer at CRC! Sarah is from Highland Park, where she is a part of the Poms team and enjoys doing yoga and running. She is also a part of the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation. At camp, Sarah teaches skiing. She is one of Chippewa’s best skiers, and is a valuable asset to our ski staff. Sarah’s love of camp is visible to all, and you can’t help but have fun when in her presence. We are so happy she is back again this summer. Welcome back Sarah!

Random Facts About Sarah:
Favorite Camp Program: Tan & White—specifically Realm (I will be studying the rule book all summer)
Favorite Camp Meal: BBQ. The hamburgers are a must!
Most random item you will pack this summer: a lint roller (I hate sand in my bed)
Anything else we should include in your profile? “I am counting down the days till camp and I couldn’t be more excited! Nowhere I rather be for the summer than Chippewa :)”

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