Our Staff

Melissa Spero

Sailing Director and Cooking Instructor

We are very excited to have Melissa Spero back at camp for her tenth summer. Melissa is from Northbrook and is a Freshman at UW Madison. At school, she is a part of Humorology, which is the biggest philanthropy event in the state of Wisconsin. It is a twenty minute play in which they sing, dance and act. This summer, Melissa will once again be our sailing director. She did a fantastic job in this role last year and we are excited for her to continue making sailing once of Chippewa’s most popular activities. Additionally, Melissa will be teaching cooking, and will also be a cabin counselor. Melissa is incredibly sweet and truly cares about those around her. Additionally, campers of all ages love her and we know that she will once again be a fantastic counselor! Welcome back Melissa.

Interesting Facts About Melissa
Favorite Tan & White Song?
Technicolor Whites
Favorite Cathy’s Flavor?
Pirates Booty
Favorite Book?
The Royal We
What She Couldn’t Survive Camp Without?
Her age group and her campers.
Reason Why 2018 Will Be the Best Summer Ever?
“It’s my 10th summer!!!”

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