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Marni Schneider

Waterfront Activity and Yoga Instructor

We are thrilled to be welcoming Marni back to CRC for her 8th summer! Marni is a junior at Deerfield High School, where she spends her free time running cross country and track. At camp, Marni will be taking a break from running to teach swimming, sailing and yoga. Marni is funny, kind and energetic, and she is committed to making her campers’ camp experiences the best they can possibly be. We are lucky to have her back again this summer. Welcome back Marni!

Random Facts About Marni:
Favorite Song: Boomerang by Jojo Siwa
Favorite CRC Program: REALM (Come find me if you want to talk Realm. I’ll bring my notes binder.)
Most random item you will pack this summer: my Crocs (This used to be a random and weird thing to pack. Now they’re popular and I’m so happy about it!)
Anything else we should share in your profile? “Hi everyone! I’m so so excited for camp and can’t wait to see everyone so so soon!!!”

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