Our Staff

Lillie Yalowitz

Swimming Director and Riding Instructor

We are very excited to welcome Lillie Yalowitz back to CRC for summer number eleven! Lillie is from Nashville and is currently a Freshman at Tulane where she plays lacrosse and is a member of a sorority. At camp, Lillie will be the swim director. This is a huge role and one that Lillie has definitely earned through her hard work over the past couple of years. Additionally, Lillie will help out at riding a bit throughout the summer. Lillie is a wonderful cabin counselor and overall positive force at camp!

Interesting Facts About Lillie
Favorite Tan & White Song?
Tan Cats
Favorite Cathy’s Flavor?
Cake and Ice Cream
Favorite Book?
We Once Were Brothers
What She Couldn’t Survive Camp Without?
Her Lint Roller :)
Reason Why 2018 Will Be The Best Summer Ever?
“Getting to see all my camp friends who I don’t get to see during the year and see my campers!”

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