Our Staff

Lauren Wilson

Fitness and Activity Instructor

Lauren Wilson will be back at #TheRanch2018 for her second summer. Lauren comes to camp all the way from Liverpool. She is currently studying PE and Dance at university. She loves musical theater and performs in many shows throughout the year. Additionally, she participates in track and field! At camp, Lauren will once again be a cabin counselor and teach fitness along with a number of other activities. We are excited to have Lauren’s spirit and positive attitude at camp this summer and know that she will be awesome both in and out of the cabin!

Interesting Facts About Lauren
Favorite Cathy’s Flavor?
Brownie S’more
What She Couldn’t Survive CRC Without?
Jen’s Baking
Favorite CRC Program?
Capture the Flag
Reason Why 2018 Will Be the Best Summer Ever?
“I get to see my campers and friends, and Chippewa is the best place to spend the whole summer!”

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