Our Staff

Ilana Solomon

Archery Director

We are very excited to welcome Ilana Solomon back to camp for her eighth summer. Ilana is from Deerfield and is a Freshman at NYU. At school, she does theater and chorus. Additionally, she works with the NYU Children’s choir! This summer, she will be a cabin counselor as well as the Archery Director. Ilana is fantastic with the bow and arrow, and she is even better at helping our campers safely learn and improve at the archery range. We know that Ilana is will once again be an awesome counselor and we are thrilled to have her on the staff team!

Interesting Facts About Ilana
Favorite Tan & White Song?
Technicolor Whites
Favorite Cathy’s Flavor?
French Silk Pie
Favorite Book?
The entire Harry Potter series!
Hidden Talent?
She plays four instruments: ukelele, violin, clarinet and piano
Reason why 2018 will be the best summer ever?
“I get to come home from college and spend my summer at my home away from home. "

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