Our Staff

Emily Shimanovsky

Swimming, Sailing and Skiing Instructor

Emily Shimanovsky will be back at camp for her eleventh summer. She is a Freshman at the University of Illinois where she is a member of the Sigma Delta Tau sorority. This summer, Shim will be teaching both swimming and sailing. These are two activities that she excels at and we are excited for her to help our campers advance their skills. Additionally, Shim will be helping out at skiing! Once again this summer, we are looking forward to having Emily in a cabin as we know that she will be a fantastic counselor to her campers and inevitably enhance their Chippewa experience!

Interesting Facts About Emily
Hidden/Weird Talent?
She knows the ABCs backwards.
Favorite Tan & White Song?
Favorite Cathy’s Flavor?
Moose Tracks
What She Couldn’t Survive Camp Without?
Her best friends and her campers.
Reason why 2018 will be the best summer ever?
“Because I love camp!!!”

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