Our Staff

Emily Connell

Dance and WERQ Instructor

We are so happy that Emily will back at CRC for her eight summer! Emily is currently a Junior at Deerfield High School where she is on the Warrior Dance Team and Dance Company. Additionally, she is on the Fusion Dance Company…she is very busy all year long! At camp, Emily will once again direct the Dance Show. Last year, as a CIT, she did an amazing job both choreographing and teaching the dances. We know she will do a fantastic job again this summer. In addition to dance, Emily will be teaching WERQ. WERQ is a dance aerobics class that she brought to Chippewa last summer. It was incredibly popular and we know that our campers (and staff) are looking forward to many WERQ classes with Emily in 2018. On top of all of this, Emily is an amazing cabin counselor who is loved by her campers and co-counselors. Welcome back Emily!

Interesting Facts About Emily
Hidden/weird talent?
She is very good with techy things.
Favorite Tan & White song?
LISTEN (stomp clap)
Favorite Cathy’s flavor?
Vanilla :)
Favorite book?
The Chippewa Reunion Photobook
What couldn’t you survive camp without?
“My campers!! They always keep me energized and on my toes!”

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