Our Staff

Elyssa Fishman

Program Director

We are very happy that Elyssa Fishman is returning to camp for her tenth summer! Elyssa is from Highland Park and is currently a Freshman at the University of South Carolina. At school, Elyssa is involved in Dance Marathon which raises money for the local children’s hospital. She is also a member of an environmental club and in the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. This summer, Elyssa will be one of our program directors and a member of our admin team. We are really excited for her to fill this role and know that her enthusiasm about all camp programs will help her succeed.
She will also once again be a cabin counselor- an area in which she thrives. Welcome back Elyssa- we are thrilled to have you on #TheRanchStaff2018!

Interesting Facts About Elyssa
Hidden/Weird Talent?
She just learned the alphabet backwards to answer this question :).
Favorite Tan & White Song?
Technicolor Whites
Favorite Book?
Harry Potter
What she couldn’t survive camp without?
Her age group, her campers and the lake.
Reason why 2018 will be the best summer ever?
“How could my ten year not be the best summer ever???”

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