Food & Allergies

At Chippewa we take pride in making sure that your daughter is eating food that she loves! Our large kitchen staff does a fantastic job putting out three great meals each day. Our goal is to balance kid friendly with nutritious and well balanced. In addition to our main courses, we have a large salad bar at lunch and dinner consisting of 20+ delicious and fresh ingredients. Oatmeal, cold cereal, crunchy granola and a tasty yogurt parfait bar compliment breakfast courses. If all else fails we offer a creamy soynut butter and jelly backup that is sure to please! Fresh fruit is available all day long and we offer an afternoon snack, which provides our campers with the perfect boost of energy to keep them playing hard throughout the day.


At Chippewa we are extremely sensitive to the presence of food allergies in camp. We make it a priority to accommodate all kinds of dietary restrictions and limitations. Our goal is to not just come up with alternative food options, but to provide delicious alternative food options. If your daughter has a food allergy or dietary restriction we would encourage you to call Lisa prior to the summer to discuss her meal options.

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