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Chippy Trivia Quiz Answers- March 2019

Congratulations to Molly P, Lila K, Samantha G, Lindsay A, Lily R, Lola S, Summer W, Simone C, Maisy M, Sammy K, Emma D, Chloe W, Samantha F, Zoey S, Shayna G, Melissa S, Talia S, Sophie B and Ashley R for answering the March Quiz questions correctly! You will all be entered in the Cathy’s raffle at the Opening Campfire this summer :). Below are the answers to the March Chippy Trivia Quiz- be sure to check back soon for the April Quiz!

1. In 2018, where were the two locations that Friday Night Campfires were held?
Center Fire Circle and The New Building

2. Name at least two 2019 Ten Year Girls.
Many answers including: Hannah Cohen, Hayley Cohen, Sophie Friedland, Aliza Kipnis, Alexa Radis, Sarah Stahlberger and Sammie Taxman

3. What was the Kahuna Day theme in 2018 and which team won?
Fast Food Restaurants and Dunkin Donuts!

4. Name the campers pictured above.
Eden G, Ashley R, JJ S and Sarah K

5. Who were the two families that previously owned Chippewa?
The Golds and the Adlers