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Chippy Trivia Quiz Answers- December 2018

Congratulations to Anna S, Jordan H, Annie B, Grace F, Emma R, Chloe W, Zoey S, Samantha F, Sadie S, Chloe B, Avery R, Cayla B, and Jules L for answering the December Quiz questions correctly! You will each be entered in the Cathy’s raffle at the Opening Campfire this summer :). Below are the answers to the December Chippy Trivia Quiz- be sure to check back soon for the January Quiz!

1. What were the 2018 Songfest themes?
Fairy Tale Whites & Time Travel Tans

2. What was the first year of Realm?

3. Name at least three 2018 Ten Year Girls.
Becca Keidan, Elyssa Fishman, Rachel Rappaport, Samantha Cutler, Melissa Spero, Missy Rosenthal, Helen Edelson, Diana Jacobson, Jessica Cohn, Sydney Mehrholz

4. Name the campers pictured above.
Jules L, Sophie B, JJ S and Scout K

5. When was Rafter^X built?