Chippewa Museum

“Dear Chippewa Ranch Camp family and friends:

Welcome to Museum page of CRC’s website. As I look back over the decades, Chippewa Ranch Camp stands as the most formative part of my life. I wasn’t a camper per se, but the son of founder/director Jerry Gold, who started camp in 1946. Still, I remember participating in activities from the waterfront to the archery range, to singing camp songs. I know how much camping was to my dad’s life. Instilling the values of Character, Resourcefulness, and Companionship in each camper was top priority. I had the good fortune of being able to watch him in action until he passed away in 1977.

Fortunately, camp remained in good hands with new directors/owners. My mom, Nancy Gold, was at my dad’s side as a director for many years, and ran camp on her own after he passed away. The Adlers then became owners and ushered in nearly three decades of camping success. Now, we are in a third generation with the Lissner family, who are bringing Chippewa to new heights. My dad would be proud.

It is with these thoughts, and on behalf of my mom, Nancy Gold, sister Linda, and brother Doug, that you enjoy the museum. May it bring back memories and instill continued pride for the tradition known as Chippewa Ranch Camp.

Have a ball,"

Sam Gold – Son of Camp Founder, Jerry Gold.

Enjoy some photos of yesteryear. There are more photos to come!